With the Transit-HUB app, Nashville residents, commuters and visitors can plan trips using public transit, compare trip options, watch real-time bus locations, receive smart trip notifications and get step-by-step navigation. Key features of the app include a real-time bus tracker, navigation, service alert notifications, calendar-based personal transit schedule management / notification and a comparison view to evaluate different trip options.

This project has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant CNS-1528799.

By making public transit more predictable, the app encourages customers to use public transit more often. The comparative route view compares public transit options against the cost of using a car. A summary view provides the cumulative time customers have spent using public transit, and that information can be shared with friends.

VU Mobility App

Description of a campus mobility application built by a student during the 'data science methods for smart city applications' course at Vanderbilt University.